Price List

IMGP6960Salves 2 oz        $6.00 each (Arnica, Yarrow)

Salves 2 oz         $6.00 each biodegradable container (Yarrow)

Salves 1 oz         $4.00 each (Thyme, Juniper, Comfrey)

Salves 1/2 oz     $2.00 each (limited supply for some salves. contact for availability)

Lip Balms            $2.00 each

Teas                      $5.00 per package of 20 tea bags

Because my teas are now certified as Cottage Industry, I can sell them at all Farmer Markets or face-to-face.  I can mail your order also (shipping costs apply).

Please contact me by phone or email to place an order and to make arrangements for delivery and payment (check or money order).  I am currently unable to accept credit cards or Paypal.  No international orders please.

Due to COVID-19, I have suspended the Winter Markets in Bozeman, MT but currently have items at the Montana Camp in Belgrade.